Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First

Life can get hectic sometimes. With so much to do and so many other people to care for, it is all too easy to forget to tend to our own needs and show ourselves some much needed, and much deserved, loving care.

Although you may want to take a warm bath at the end of the day or attend your favorite yoga class, you may feel guilty for taking time for yourself when there is so much to do. But one of the best things about a committed and loving self-care routine is the sense of fulfillment and positive reinforcement of your needs.

You deserve love!

You deserve your own attention!

You deserve that bubble bath and a glass of wine if you want it!

Treat yourself to self-care and you will find that you have much more energy and desire to give more love and attention to projects, friends, family, and responsibilities.

imageWhat exactly is Self-Care?

Generally speaking, self-care is engaging in activities and behaviors that have a positive effect on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

There is no one thing – that encompasses self-care. There are some basic elements however the specific plan is different for each person.

The end goal however is always the same: to preserve relationships, maintain a beneficial work/life balance, and nurture your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy and well-being.

Self-care involves a lot of introspection. It requires identifying your needs and taking the necessary steps to meet them. Finally, treat yourself as compassionately as you treat others. While all of this may seem obvious, many of us often put the needs of others first, setting our own aside – and damaging our mental and emotional health in the interim.

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