Organize to Energize!

Have you ever felt like your life is a clutter? I mean, was there ever a time when your work, health, wealth, or relationships just seemed to be a mess? Well, it’s Spring and time for cleaning up and clearing out things that are no longer serving you. The solution is actually at your fingertips! Learning the concept of celebrating the “wins” in your life has never been more important than now. You can actually begin to get your entire life more organized bringing in more positive smooth energy by starting with a few simple steps.

First, begin to organize your work area. Realize that everything actually has a place but you are too busy to find it. Make Spring 2018 the time you decided that your “secret” filing code and system don’t really allow you to fulfill your organizational dream. You are going to have to make a change; change some patterns – create some new neurological pathways.

Some organizational experts say to remove everything from the room and only replace the space with items that you now feel the need to keep. No matter how you choose to tackle this feat, the bottom line is to: Get. Organized.

Find an actual place for all those CDs, DVDs, notes, papers, workbooks, magazines, files, books, and articles – all the important things in your life that you want to keep handy. The things that you meant to watch, read, or listen to in the past. When you find this space and organize your workspace you will feel the expansiveness of your space and the positive energy it brings– celebrate the win! You have a new beginning, a fresh energizing place to work.

Next, begin the same process at home. Out with the old items you thought you would “get to” later. Begin a new organized pattern creating the space for new more expansive energies to come in. Begin with a single room, and then move your newfound skills to another space. This process will begin the initial steps in bringing new fresh energy into your life, the Law of Attraction will allow you to bring more organization and possibility to all areas of your life. Begin the process now – organize to energize! Enjoy the results!”

So for the next couple of weeks, I suggest you consider taking a look at your life and perhaps specifically the goal or dream you are currently trying to achieve. Ask yourself what is cluttering the progress of that dream? Are there ways you can reduce the clutter? Can you add some organization in your life?

Pick 1 area big or small, a shelf or office, garage, car, laundry bin. Then declutter and organize that area. Notice how your energy feels before and after. Then observe your life becoming a bit more focused, smoother, in the flow. Perhaps even bringing that goal/dream into our lives sooner.

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