Master Your Environment For New Happiness

At a certain point in life, you may have felt an unexplainable sense of unhappiness or unfulfillment. Maybe what you envisioned hasn’t come true, or things just don’t seem to be “going right”. This can be because you feel you’re lacking something, or simply because you’re stuck in a rut of all that’s happening around you. Maybe your health has declined so you attribute your unhappiness to not physically being well. Or perhaps your finances aren’t in the shape you’d like them to be. Maybe the friendships you have aren’t fulfilling, or you haven’t found a romantic partner with whom to enjoy the sensation of love and sharing a life together. There are a million reasons why someone would be unhappy, but how would you like to master your circumstances and become the owner of your own happiness?

Shift Your Environment for Lasting Happiness

The external state of things, whether it’s our living situation, our work, our love life, and our relationships or otherwise is in constant state of change. We have limited control over others, but what you do have total control over is your awareness and your response to the world around you. Rather than focusing on the shortcomings of our external world transition your awareness to your internal world.

More powerful than the physical environment is our emotional environment. Almost never a constant, our emotions rise and fall at all times. But, since it is also environment, you have the ability to change it. You must redefine your relationship with emotions in order to gain ground and stop being the victim. In other words, don’t let emotions happen to you; rather, allow them to show you where in your body needs your attention. It is important to note that you have emotions but you are not your emotions. You are so much more. They don’t define you—you are in control of them completely. Negative emotions will arise no matter what. However, if we develop a grounded centeredness within ourselves by coming back inside, feeling our emotions then choosing our response to the environment around us. We will be stabilized in out internal environment and no external situations can sway our peace. The key is to guard ourselves from being stuck in a dark spot or being led by such feelings of negativity for too long. We must learn to come back inside and use our emotions, as a compass to where in our body needs our attention then choose the best way forward. Get to know the true you that lives within. You’ll come to find that the purest and most stable forms of joy can be found in yourself. As you find joy within the external environment will become a mirror of happiness.

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