Clean Out & Open Up to Possibility

The Fall energy is centered around change, cycles, transitions, and transformation. The season of autumn symbolizes the time of self-reflection. Purge and relinquish things you don’t need.

Release all your negative thoughts, negative belief systems, your limitations, and allow the season of autumn to absorb them in order to purify your energy and any emotions that limit your ability from moving forward.

Fall is a reminder for us to clean up our thoughts and clean out our closets in order to tap into the endless possibilities that surround us.

Whether you are referring to your body or your surroundings, cleaning up your mess is the first step to elevating your consciousness and reaching your goals. Take some time this month to really analyze what’s junk and what’s not – in your body as well as your home, office, car, etc. – and then start on a campaign to get rid of what is junk!

When you do, you will open up the doors to a better way of being.

When you have fresh, clean, uncluttered surroundings, you have created a space to house happiness and success in your life.

We recently organized our place of work. We added a new room on our home to serve as an office and a study for our growing business. The space was fresh and new and felt so open and compelling, it was inspiring.

We then began to bring the endless number of boxes with all of our “stuff” in to the room. Instantly this wonderful, new open space began to feel heavy and cluttered. As we opened and started stacking all the existing baggage onto the shelves the heavier the energy became the more difficult it was to think clearly.

Thanks to my amazing daughter, Heather, the ultimate “clean sweeper” we started by cleaning everything out… and I mean EVERYTHING! Sorting it all into piles, we were able to determine what stayed, what was donated, what was to be sold, what could be recycled and what would have to be trash.

And inside, with a blank canvas to work with, new ideas for the space and our ways of working started to just pop in. We could have a shelf over here, and a standing desk by the window with natural light!

Ideas will come when there is a space to fill.

Clean up your space – whether it’s the personal space within your body or the physical spaces you occupy each day. Open yourself up to the infinite number of possibilities for your life.